Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Bartlett Milling - Game Bird and Rabbit  

Bartlett uses no antibiotics, animal fat or animal protein sources in its feeds. Bartlett Game Bird Feeds can be fed to multiple species, such as quail, pheasants, ducks and geese. Match the appropriate life cycle (starter, grower, conditioner, breeder) to your operation's flock. Apex® is an all-natural blend of plant extracts                    ®  

GAME BIRD STARTER CRUMBLES with Apex®: 28% protein for early development in all species of game birds. Feed free-choice from day of hatch until 36 days of age, then change to BMC Game Bird Grower.

GAME BIRD GROWER CRUMBLES with Apex®; 21% protein to promote optimum growth in all species of game birds. Feed free-choice from 7 weeks until 13 weeks of age, then switch to BMC Flight Conditioner

GAME BIRD FLIGHT CONDITIONER CRUMBLES with Apex®; 19% protein to optimize growth rate and feathering of mature birds, without promoting excessive weight gain. Feed free-choice, after 12 weeks of age, until release.  

GAME BIRD BREEDER CRUMBLES with Apex®; 19% protein and correct mineral fortification to promote optimum fertility, embryo development and egg production in all species of game birds. Feed continuously (free-choice) as the sole ration from day of first egg lay until completion of fertile egg laying cycle.  [ top ]

 BARTLETT RABBIT FOOD with Adiguard C®: contains 16% protein, dehydrated alfalfa, fermentable fiber and probiotics; ideal for all life cycles of commercial or show rabbits. Contains no corn. Adiguard C® is an all-natural source of beta-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), for  improvement of gastrointestinal health     .  Bartlett Rabbit Food provides mature does with all the nutrients essential to produce five to seven litters per year. Provide free-choice to does and kits. For dry does, non-working bucks and pets, limit feed  4.5 to 6.5 ounces per day. Tag link  [top ]


Bartlett Milling – Products for Deer

Bartlett Hi-Protein Deer Pellets: Bartlett's 18% protein deer feed contains high quality proteins, chelated trace minerals, and a flavor additive that deer crave. Antler development requires not only minerals, but also requires a lot of high quality protein - and corn alone will not meet these needs. Feed Bartlett Hi-Protein Deer Pellets according to availability of natural browse and forages.

Sweetlix ® products for deer: Bartlett Milling distributes Sweetlix Corn-Lix Deer Block (40289) and Sweetlix EnProAl® Rack Deer Block (41533). Visit the Sweetlix web site for more information on their wildlife products. [top]

Bartlett Milling – Products for Goats and Sheep

Goats and sheep require good quality forages to provide the foundation of their diets. Forages, however, often cannot fully meet all nutrient requirements, particularly when animals are in late gestation, are producing milk, or when accelerated rates of gain are desired. Bartlett Milling has a broad line of products for supplementing forages:   


 SWEET GOAT TEXTURED FORMULA: 17% protein  with a high energy level to meet the needs of lactating goats. Bartlett Sweet Goat Textured Formula is our most palatable formula, utilizing cracked corn, oats, barley, molasses and a unique pellet. Although energy level is high for lactating goats, Sweet Goat can also be limit-fed to growing and mature non-lactating goats. To avoid creating metabolic problems in lactating goats, Bartlett Sweet Goat does not contain ammonium chloride.  Bartlett Sweet Goat is a natural feed, containing no antibiotics or ingredients derived from animals. Click here to view the tag.     

GOAT PELLETS:17% protein for growing and finishing goats. Ammonium chloride is added at a low level to help prevent male urinary tract blockage (calculi or uroliths). Bartlett Goat Pellet is available with Deccox® for prevention of coccidiosis in young goats. Click here to view the tag.

SHOW GOAT PELLETS with Deccox®: a specially formulated pellet for growing, finishing and show goats. Unique fiber sources help maintain good digestion and intestinal health to keep goats "on feed" during periods of stress. Show Goat contains a low level of ammonium chloride to help prevent male urinary tract blockage. Yeast culture, chelated trace mineral complexes, and elevated levels of Vitamins A, D and E are added to help ensure requirements are met during periods of stress. Show Goat Pellets is only available with Deccox®, therefore, this feed cannot be fed to milk goats producing milk for foodClick here to view the tag.

BARTLETT 16% SHEEP PELLETS: 16% protein for growing, finishing or lactating sheep. Contains no supplemental copper. Adjust feed rate to match production goals, forage quality and environmental conditions. Click here to see the tag.

CRYSTALYX® brand Goat-lyx™ and Sheep-lyx™ Tubs are molasses-based, cooked self-fed supplements, conveniently offered in durable tubs to provide controlled intake to economically supplement pasture and hay.Click here for more information on these self-fed products. 

FEED IN A DRUM® brand Tubs are cooked, molasses-based tubs specifically formulated for sheep and goats. When forages are good quality and freely available, supplemental nutrients can be conveniently provided by offering animals continual access to these self-fed products. Click here to learn about Feed in a Drum supplements for sheep and goats.[top ]