Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Bartlett Milling – Natural Products for Poultry

Have you tried Bartlett Poultry Feeds yet? Our poultry products are "natural", containing no antibiotics, hormones or animal-derived ingredients. Growers of locally produced chickens (broilers or layers), game birds, ducks, and turkeys find our products to be of exceptional value. Locally produced feed for locally produced meat and eggs! 

Apex®, from Nutriad, provides natural botanical flavorings and essential plant extracts for improved feed consumption


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STARTER & GROWER CRUMBLE with Apex®; Natural: no antibiotics, hormones, or ingredients derived from animals. A 20% protein crumble for young, growing chickens; feed until commencement of laying (20 to 24 weeks). Straight-run (mixed sex) chicks should also be started on this feed. Feed to chicks and pullets as the sole ration from hatch through 17 weeks of age.  After 17 weeks, feed Bartlett Complete Egg Ration Pellets or Crumbles (click here for tag PDF)

COMPLETE EGG RATION:  Natural: no antibiotics, hormones, or ingredients derived from animals. Contains 17% protein for laying chickens.  Pullets should be switched to this feed when they reach 18 weeks of age. Available in either crumbles or pellets to suit your needs and preference (click here for tag PDF)

20% LAY PELLETS with Apex®: Natural:
 no antibiotics, hormones, or ingredients derived from animals. Contains 20% protein for high-performance laying chickens. Feed as the sole ration from 18 weeks of age through the completion of the laying cycle. Higher protein and energy levels help meet nutrient requirements, even during periods of heat stress. Bartlett 20% Lay Pellets with Apex® contain Zinpro Performance Minerals® and natural Vitamin E for improved performance and health (click here for Zinpro's Backyard Poultry Nutrition fact sheet). And click here for product tag PDF.

Two-Way SCRATCH FEED: Natural:
 no antibiotics, hormones, or ingredients derived from animals. Bartlett Scratch Feed is a premium blend of cleaned and screened cracked corn and  whole wheat.

Bartlett Five-Way SCRATCH FEED is a high energy, all-natural supplement for all types of birds. Grains are cleaned and screened before processing; cracked corn, whole wheat, whole milo, flint corn, and black oil sunflower seeds are blended with grit and pure soybean oil to make a special treat for birds.     

MEAT BIRD GROWER-FINISHER PELLETS with Apex®: Natural: no antibiotics, hormones, or ingredients derived from animals. Contains 19% protein and high energy for quick growth of meat birds. Feed as the sole ration to chickens, ducks and geese after 6 weeks of age; for turkeys, feed as the sole ration after 12 weeks of age.(click here for tag PDF)