Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Bartlett Milling - Products for Dairy Cattle

 Bartlett Milling manufactures and supplies products to meet the nutritional needs of all ages and types of dairy cattle, ranging from milk-fed calves, weaned calves and growing heifers, to lactating and dry cows.


MILK REPLACERS: Bartlett Milling offers the highest quality milk replacers in the industry. All-milk protein sources, in combination with highly digestible fat, provide optimum nutrition. Available only with Neomycin/Oxytetracycline. To learn about Milk Specialties Company, please click here.  

CALF STARTER: 21% protein with cracked corn, oats, barley, and a unique pellet, blended with molasses. Contains Deccox® for prevention of coccidiosis. Feed during the first two or three months after birth. 

HEIFER DEVELOPER PELLETS: 17% all-natural protein, supplements forages in growing heifer rations to obtain correct rates of gain. Available with Gainpro®    

16% protein pellet, specially formulated for the mineral and vitamin needs of dry cows and "springing" first-calf heifers. Feed for 60 days prior to calving

Bartlett manufactures a full line of milk cow feeds, ranging from low feed-rate custom concentrates for use with on-farm commodities to complete parlor pellets.